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A thorough cleaning using professional techniques designed to protect and enhance the exterior of your vehicle. This package includes:

- 2 bucket hand wash


- clay bar treatment

-C2 Sealant Application

- streak free glass cleaning

Small- $135

Mid-Size- $145

Large- $155


**Prices vary on condition**


A light interior cleaning that can be matched with any of our excellent detail add-ons. This package includes:

- detailed vacuuming

-blowout of all nooks

- light cleaning of all interior surfaces

- streak free glass cleaning

Small- $75

Mid-Size- $85

Large- $100

X-Large- $135

**Prices vary on condition**



This package is recommended for car owners who are looking for a maintenance detail to remove any dirt and bugs from the exterior and a light cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming for the Interior. This detail includes a professional hand wash application with a two bucket wash method and a foam cannon to provide a gentle but effective wash to your vehicle's paint. The Paint is decontaminated and a 6 month Sealant is applied to all exterior surfaces.The wheels are cleaned with a variety of boars hair brushes and wheel woolies to provide a scratch free finish that is void of brake dust. All interior surfaces are lightly cleaned to free any dust and dirt that accumulates over time. All door jams are cleaned to remove any dirt or grime, leaving your door jams clean and glossy. All vents and small crevasses are cleaned using compressed air and boars hair brushes. All windows are cleaned to a streak free finish. If you are looking for a more in depth interior cleaning, please check out our Elite Package. We recommend this service every 3-6 months depending on personal use of the vehicle.

Time Invested: 3-4 hrs

Small- $200    Mid-Size- $235

Large- $250    X-Large- $270

***Prices may vary on condtion of the vehicle***
***$50 fee for excessive mud***



Our Elite detail is our most in depth Interior detail combined with our Exterior detail. This package is recommended for car owners who are looking for an extreme interior cleaning combined with an exterior enhancement service. This detail includes everything in our Enhancment detail and much more. We take every nook and detail of your interior and bring it back to a like new condition. All of your interior surfaces are steam cleaned with our commercial grade steamer and conditioned with a water based UV conditioner to bring back luster and a beautiful satin sheen. All interior carpet and upholstery are hot water extracted using 210 degree water and an in house fan system that never leaves your carpet wet. This package also includes an engine bay cleaning to remove any oil or dirt that might be built up on the heart of your vehicle. We highly recommend this ELITE service for those who are looking to sell or have just bought a used vehicle.

Time invested: 8-10hr

Small- $350     Mid-Size- $400

Large- $450     X-Large- $500

*****Prices may vary on condtion of the vehicle*****